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Our first package includes the PHYSICAL BOOK along with a host of these other value-added offerings ...

E-BOOK - You will also receive an enhanced E-Book version, from the team of Digital Book Cloud - it's the prefect solution for accessing the content 24/7, anywhere you find a web connection. You can view the content on your home computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android and more.

VIDEOS - In addition to great content, the book also includes a series of videos that enhance the reading experience. Some are instructional in nature, others, called "Peek-Ins" will allow you to take a peek into Leila's studio and see how her students interact with the iPad. How to you see these videos? It's easy! Simply scan any one of our *VQR codes (Video Quick Response Codes), and instantly, the video will instantly appear on your Smartphone screen - or any device that can read QR codes.

SIMPLE TEC MAGAZINE (and E-MAG) - In addition, we will send you the premier issue of SimpleTEC - a Digital Discovery Magazine For Music Educators (along with an E-Mag version). SimpleTEC's non-tech approach to exploring the "what is and how to" world of music teacher websites, mobile communication, digital keyboard technology is just what the E-doctor ordered.

*VQR - To view the videos, you will require a Smartphone with a QR reader app. Note - QR reader apps are free, simply search for QR readers in your devices app store. Download it and follow the instructions.

(If you have a discount code, you will apply the code during checkout)

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What is a DBC “Digital Book Cloud” Account and why do I need it?

In order to access and view the E-Book version of this title, you will need a DBC account. After you have registered for your own DBC account, you simply log-in to your account, then view this E-Book (or any other DBC books).

The DBC requirements:

  • A Digital Book Cloud Account (account setup takes place during check out)
  • A Hi-Speed Internet Connection.

Thanks to our cloud-base system, you can view this content on a host of devices (home computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android and other).
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